Discover the power of regenerative agriculture!

Bringing carbon back in soil with regenerative agriculture. The effective way to increase soil health, improve drought resilience, protect climate and restore ecosystems.

We help farmers to shift to regenerative agriculture  -

and connect them with people who want to support them on this journey!


Our approach

Protect the climate with regenerative agriculture!

We are consultants for regeneration and our job is to facilitate carbon storage in the soil, to protect the climate and increase biodiversity. We help farms to build up humus, thus store carbon in the soil and connect them with companies, organizations and individuals that want to compensate for their greenhouse gas emissions with a positive effect on people and nature. With our comprehensive solutions, we protect the climate, increase biodiversity and contribute to a better world.

We are breaking new ground in climate protection: thanks to regenerative agriculture, you can now compensate your greenhouse gas emissions locally with the support of regenerative agriculture! Use our unique service. We connect regenerative farms with companies, organizations and everyone interested.

We evaluate the needs, look for the best project and ensure the competent execution. You will receive a project proposal with clear framework conditions, a solid calculation of the climate impact, and thanks to digital tools, verifiable information about the progress of the project. You invest in a long-term partnership - we connect people who want to save our earth!

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For Farmers: compensation for carbon storage in soil

Shift to regenerative agriculture to increase biodiversity and soil organic matter

We are able to assess the potential of carbon sequestration on farms of all types and sizes - from small nurseries to large arable farms. With our consulting, we ensure sustainable changes and measurable growth. Based on our assessment, we offer you a long term partnership where you benefit from ecosystem services payments. You agree to a transition plan with defined milestones.

Key principles:

  1. minimum soil disturbance

  2. covering soil most of the time

  3. increase diversity in crops and cultivation

  4. keep living roots in soil

  5. integrate animals

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For companies and organisations: offsetting your carbon emissions

You can help climate and nature!

We offer you a new innovative way to reduce your carbon emissions! By putting carbon back in soil, farmers help to reduce carbon in the atmosphere. With specialist knowledge, we help your company to find new ways to protect the climate and restore ecosystems. We at Carbon Farms combine our insights and competencies to assist you in going a climate-friendly way. 

You enter into a partnership with a specific farm family, and get regular updates on the progress. You also learn more about the benefit of your support to increase not only soil organic matter and biodiversity, but also economic viability of participating farms.

We define the expected outcome and establish an agreement between you and the farm. You pay a defined amount per ton of carbon that is put in soil. The information is secured with blockchain technology and a strict monitoring ensures compliance.

Deepending on the context, the price per ton of carbon varies. We offer you a premium product with additional impact!

What is the science behind? Find out more here

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