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Carbon Farms OÜ

Tartu mnt 67/1-13b

10115 Tallinn 

IBAN BE92 9670 5247 3023


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Avenue Marnix 13-17
Brussels 1000 Belgium

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Where are you located? Where do you operate?

We are a company registered in Estonia, owned by Daniel Baertschi. As E-Resident, he is running Carbon Farms OÜ remotely. 

Our carbon compensation clients are mainly from Europe. We are only active in the voluntary, private carbon compensation market.

Our target area for carbon storage is Europe. We start in Estonia and Poland, and will expand to Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

We consult mainly online with zoom.

What do you offer? What is your product?

Our goal is to reduce global warming with innovative methods.

Our product: We offer a platform bringing together farms that want to improve soil health and businesses, organisations and individuals that want to offset carbon emissions. We are building a bridge to benefit both sides with our consulting services. We ensure the benefit to climate and environment using cutting edge toos and technology.

Our model is an innovative system to remove carbon from the atmosphere. We do not sell certificates, we offer real progress to buid a better world.

How do you ensure that carbon is effectively removed from the atmosphere and stored in soil?

Our system builds on mutual trust and transparency. We will regularly monitor progress with our local partners. We are going to use blockchain and remote sensing technologies to ensure that information is adequate and that carbon is effectively stored in soil.