Daniel Baertschi

My vision: People and Nature in harmony

Founder and CEO: Daniel Baertschi, agricultural economist and leadership coach, consultant for regenerative agriculture. Depending on the project, additional specialists are brought in; thanks to the broad network, we can handle a variety of projects.

At Carbon Farms Consulting, we understand that our earth needs new solutions so that our children have a good future. We are well versed in all aspects of climate-friendly agriculture and advise you on the implementation of regenerative agriculture and the financing of compensation options.

I support you in the development of strategies that help you to do something about climate change. Get in touch to arrange a first online consultation.


Soil is Life

Carbon farming: Healthy soils for a better world

Carbon farming describes how better the management of agricultural soils can help farmers to mitigate and adapt to climate change. To scale up carbon farming, firstly the benefits of healthy soils should be understood well by farmers, consumers, industry, and government. Secondly, these actors need to effectively collaborate, where all actors throughout food chains are rewarded for better soil management.

For instance, The North Sea Region (NSR) Carbon Farming project has identified four business model types in which carbon farming could become a rewarding endeavor for farmers and other actors. For instance, companies within the agri-food chain could work together with farmers and advertise their use of carbon farming on product packaging, whereas companies outside the agri-food chain could buy carbon farming certificates to compensate for their own emissions.

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„Improving soil health is essential not only for farmers, but for all of us. Better soil - better food - better cllimate. What else?“

Daniel Baertschi